10 Festive Christmas and Winter Finger Print For Kiddos

Having many ideas to make such wonderful craft for your kids is good. Let them explore creativity to make something easy yet adorable whether for themselves or their friends. These ideas come up when wondering what things will make kids very enjoy while doing it. It’s making Christmas fingerprints during the holiday. Below some photos, your kids can try!

1. Olaf Thumb Prints

Source: battrehalsa.nu

Making these adorable Olaf from thumbprints is easy. There are many ways to make these craft, your kids need to press their thumb on the paper you’ve prepared. Don’t forget to add a nose, hat, hand.

2. Zayne and Ayden

Source: pinterest.ru

Christmas footprint also can be a great gift or home decor too. You can make any character by using footprints. Then store them on the door or any space you wish.

3. Snowman and Bird

Source: ar.pinterest.com

This snowman and bird are very wonderful for home decor. With night atmosphere it will make this home decor more intriguing.

4. Reindeer

Source: pinterest.ru

Preparing your Christmas tree with any ornaments. As you can see, this reindeer made from thumbprint. You can make your Christmas ornaments in any style. These reindeer thumbs are very easy.

5. Happy Snowman

Source: pinterest.ru

To make this snowman you need your index finger or ring finger. It looks like in the snow mountain and then some snowman stand up in the mountain.

6. Snowman Finger Print Magnets

Source: pinterest.ru

Looking for Christmas gift for your neighbour, this snowman fingerprints magnet is a great choice. You can install this gift on your refrigerator.

7. Mistletoes Home Decor

Source: pinterest.ru

This charming home decor is from footprint. Your kids can do it by themselves. You just guide them to make it. Then make polka dot on it and add ‘MISTLETOES’ too.

8. Wooden Reindeer Ornament

Source: pinterest.ru

If you prefer to use wood as the element for your Christmas ornament, you can make it and adorn them with these reindeer fingerprints. Besides, you could also write down name or years on it.

9. Christmas Tree

Source: friendsofomersgullywood.co.uk

Use your hand to make this stunning Christmas tree. Surely, you need green as the leaves, red as the ornaments and also brown as the steam.

10. Olaf Christmas Card

Source: pinterest.ca

Sending any messages for the loved one by using Christmas card. Inviting such memorable and the cute card you can create Olaf fingerprint on it. Remember, it’s your kids made of, let them make this card as they wish.

There are many Christmas craft and gift that your kids do during holiday. These fingerprints ideas can be one of the best choices. So, invite your kids to make it.

Natasha Caroline

Natasha Caroline

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