10 Crafty Hand Print Christmas Tree Easy To Make

It’s time for your kids to make such a crafty handprint Christmas tree. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this handprint Christmas tree. This handprint craft is one of many plant to show in this year. If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids’ checks these handprint Christmas tree.

1. Paper Hand Print

Source: freedb2.org

Supplies to make this handprint Christmas tree: green paper (two various colours), brown paper, decoration such star, round, flower and snowflake, glue and scissors. Trace around your hand on green paper and cut them out. Glue your handprint onto the board, then decorate your handprint with the decoration.

2. Paint Hand Print

Source: pinterest.ru

Besides, you could also use paint to make the Christmas tree. Take green and brown paint colour. Put the colour in the plate and press your hand on it. After that, press your hand in the fabric, then add a star on the top.

3. Glitter Hand Print

Source: whathappensatgrandmas.com

This handprint Christmas tree is also made from paint colour. Besides, add glitter to get a fancy and bright feel. This is for mommy and daddy.

4. Peace Hand Print Christmas Tree

Source: pinterest.com

Create such a peaceful handprint Christmas tree using paint colour. Add red ornaments in the tree by using a thumb. You can store this handprint in your living room or any space you like, due to it’s very marvellous.

5. Add Buttons

Source: thisfarmfamilyslife.com

You could also add buttons in your handprint. It’ll make your handprint looks prettier. Furthermore, make a star from paper and stick on the topper.

6. Make An Easy Hand Print

Source: beafunmum.com

This tree is also created by using a paint colour. Besides, you can draw some gift under the tree in any colour and pattern you like. Then, place it in your bedroom because it’s yours.

7. Pom Pom Tree

Source: 99decorate.com

Supplies: green paper, tissue roll, pom pom, and mini garland. Trace around your hand o the paper, add a pom pom and the faux garland on it, then put in the tissue roll. Don’t forget to put the star on the topper of the tree.

8. Artsy Hand Print Tree

Source: pinterest.ru

Paint the branches first, then feel free to press your hand in the paper to make the leaves. This is fun to d it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this hand print tree.

9. Effortless

Source: victoria-b.net

This is also easy to make. Mix and match the colour in three various colours; green, blue and yellow. It’s perfect handprint Christmas tree when you add a star that made from glitter paper on the topper.

10. Advent Calendar and Christmas Tree

Source: chasingsupermom.com

You can make both the advent calendar and Christmas tree at the same time using handprint. Write down the date on the handprint you made, then stick them on the wall. The last, add floral decoration on it.

Is it easy right? You can work together with your kids to make these crafty handprint Christmas tree. Try now and share with us!

Natasha Caroline

Natasha Caroline

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