DIY Bathroom Storage You’ll Fall In Love

The bathroom is one of the crucial parts in the home. No matter how big your bathroom you could make it as cozy as you can. While everyone needs for additional storage and organization in their bathroom. Whether your bathroom is big or small, you should organize the area of the bathroom and keep it clean and neat. There are tons of storage and organization solutions that make little money. DIY bathroom storage. This DIY bathroom absolutely will make you fall in love. It’s simple to make and also affordable. So, check these out!

1. DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Storage

Source: mybathroombox.blogspot.com

You can create pretty bathroom storage in farmhouse feel. This storage could be made from a wooden board. You can hang your towel on it and put some tissues as well. To complete the look, add a container with cotton flower and an upcycled bottle as decoration.

2. DIY Shower Appliance Storage

Source: dizainexpert.ru

It looks like a ladder. Consist of four linings that eases you to keep your shower appliance. If you have this storage, it helps you to make your bathroom looks neat and clean. For a good appearance put decoration away on the top of the storage.

3. DIY Shelves Bathroom Storage

Source: dizainexpert.ru

This bathroom storage will not consume many places in your bathroom. On the other side, it will give you more chance of keeping all bathroom appliances on it. By using rattan boxes you can put them away. Therefore, this can be a good choice for those have a small bathroom.

4. DIY Ladder Bathroom Storage

Source: decororo.com

If you like to upcycle and repurposed things around you, you also can turn this ladder into bathroom storage. This ladder is useful where you can put some bathroom appliances away by using the iron basket. For instance, if you would like to keep tissue, soap and shampoo use basket then hang it on the ladder. Or you can just put the towel away in the ladder.

5. DIY Repurposed Boxes Bathroom Storage

Source: dontly.me

You can quickly hang the wooden box on the wall using hooks for hanging. Wooden boxes are durable and a great choice for storing heated appliances that can’t be reached by kids. Besides, on the topper side of the box, you can keep your towel too.

6. DIY Cabinet Door Bathroom Storage

Source: pinterest.ca

This DIY bathroom storage is for you whose a small bathroom. You can build this storage based on your need. Just determine the size before building this cabinet door bathroom storage. This storage lets you to store toilet paper, soap, shampoo and the other shower appliances.

7. DIY Hanging Bathroom Storage

Source: madhit.net

Personalizing your bathroom and keeping it organized. This hanging storage only for the towel. It will take no time to make this hanging storage. You can buy the towel horse on the market then place it on the wall using a hook. Then you can hang your towel freely.

8. DIY Floating Shelves Bathroom Storage

Source: grottepastenaecollepardo.org

Besides, this bathroom storage is also for you. A floating shelves made from wooden board and rope. It’s really incredible for creating this such cute shelves. Using white colour make your bathroom looks cleaner and neater. You can have the box to keep shower appliances.

9. DIY Simple and Easy Bathroom Storage

Source: ideasformen.online

It doesn’t consume a lot of time and money as well to get this bathroom storage. Make it in three-part, thus you can difference each appliance. Furthermore, add a towel horse under the storage. It just needs a little space in your bathroom.

10. DIY Window Bathroom Storage

Source: ro.pinterest.com

Reusing window as bathroom storage sounds great. You can have this DIY bathroom storage whether your bathroom is small or big. This storage is fit in any size of bathroom. So, don’t worry if you would like to store this storage in your bathroom.

There are so many astonishing ways to add bathroom storage in your bathroom. You can choose based on your need. Hoping these ideas can solve your problem to create DIY bathroom storage.

Natasha Caroline

Natasha Caroline

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