Cute DIY Cat Bed Ideas

Does your kitty need a new place? Such a cut, creative and comfy place. DIY cat bed should be comfy and cozy for your kitty. You can create and design your creative cat bed at home using any clothesline, suitcase, hammock or crochet. You can place where you want or where your furry friends love to sleep on. For your lovely friend, you don’t need to buy your kitty bed. It would be better if you can create it yourself. But, before get you started there is plenty of creative, cute and eye-catchy cat bed you can create.

1. DIY Window Bed

Source: 1.allesto.club

This comfy bed is the simplest and easiest cat bed you can make. Give your furry friends a seat to watch beautiful scenery or birds fly by. Store furry bed on the hanging window bed to make your kitty feel warm in the cold season.

2. DIY Crochet Bed

Source: skillofking.com

This DIY cat bed is crocheted not knitted. The texture is soft and can be placed anywhere your kitty love to sleep on. The colour is also fun, baby blue. Looking pretty and comfy. Get your crochet hook out your cats favourite colour yarn to chill out and relax.

3. TV Shelter

Source: pinterest.ru

This shelter has a vintage vibe. Your kitty will easy to reach it due to the height still can be reached. Then, place the blanket on it for your kitty.

4. Suitcase Bank

Source: pinterest.com.au

It is such a great bank bad for kitty. All you need is the suitcase. Give them legs then stack them up to make a bank bed. Then your furry friends will love it.

5. DIY Cave Crocheted Bed

Source: aliheerkes.me

If you prefer crocheting than knitting then this is a crochet cat bed you can create. There are many pattern and colours you can choose. Or make it appropriates what your kitty like. This crochet made just like the cave where your kitty can hideout.

6. DIY Flower Bed

Source: in.pinterest.com

Here’s a fun cat bed that just colourful and fun for your kitty. It has double-desk where you can turn it into the sofa and cat bed. It can be open and shut easily. Then your kitty will love it too.

7. DIY Crate Nest

Source: pinterest.com

Making this cat bed you just need crate painted. You can make it in two-layer and it looks like a bank bad. Throw pillow and handmade rug too on it. If you like to stain this bed in another colour you like, just go for it.

8. DIY Stereo Bed

Source: treibholzlampe.site

It seems like the stereo, but it’s not. This cat bed looking simple but comfy enough for your kitty. Another advantage from this bed is you can place some greenery or decoration on it. Place it in the proper place.

9. DIY Hole Cat

Source: archinew.altervista.org

A big hole for kitty place. This cat bed is from home decor that turned out to be cat bad. Get your kitty to relax and enjoy a long day in this bed. It not only looks great but also feels good for kitty.

10. DIY Grey Wool

Source: in.pinterest.com

A kitty head for a kitty bed. This cat bed made of soft grey wool. Felted cat bed from wool is fit if you are living in an apartment or small place. To complete it add ears on it with white colour. You can stain it.

11. DIY Hammock Bed

Source: yahoo.com

Just simple but resulting a great and comfy bed for your furry friends. Hang the hammock where your kitty likes to sleep on. For instance, store it under the table in your living room or bedroom. Your kitty will like it for sure.

12. DIY Cacti Cot

Source: pinterest.nz

Looking fresh, green and you can find a furry creature in the planter. This is a cat bed. A simple and easy to make a cat bed that require no sewing, knitting or crocheting. All you need is a planter that already apertured and make the cacti from cardboard.

Start with simple material and add your creativity to make such a cute DIY cat bed for your furry friends. Try now and make it yourself!

Natasha Caroline

Natasha Caroline

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