How To Organize Your Kitchen With These Kitchen Shelving

Feel crowded, cluttered and annoyed with your kitchen because there are many kitchen utensils everywhere. It looks messy and unorganized. So, it’s time for you to clean it up and make it organized. Today, I will share you about organizing your kitchen with kitchen shelving. It must not be a cabinet to keep your kitchen utensils, you could also make your kitchen looks neat and clean with kitchen shelving. This following pictures will help you to make your kitchen looks organized and feel comfy. Check this out!

1. Dishware Shelving

Source: thenateshow.com

Having many dishwares sometimes will consume much space in your kitchen. To prevent an unorganized look in your kitchen, install this shelf to your kitchen. It probably will not keep your all dishware, yet will help you to manage your kitchen feel organized.

2. Over The Window

Source: lovingit.pl

This wooden shelve looks good on this simple decor. Placing the shelve in the corner to cover the windows. You can place the glassware in the shelve that your kids still can reach it. Then, store something just for adults like wine in the shelve that can’t be reached by the kids.

3. Simple and Large Shelve

Source: decomg.com

If you install this shelve in your kitchen, you can place any kinds of kitchen utensils or herbs in the shelve. Because this shelve has extra space you will not feel crowded in your kitchen anymore.

4. Rustic Shelve

Source: gtrend.me

Inviting a rustic touch by opting this shelve is can be a good idea. Besides to keep your dishware or glassware, you can also get a beautiful rustic decor from this shelve. The colours is fun and the design also chic.

5. A Big Shelve

Source: washingtonpost.com

This shelve may look huge in your kitchen, but you can keep all your kitchen utensils in this shelve. Besides, you can DIY this shelve using pipes. The advantage of this shelve is you can find your kitchen utensils easily.

6. Wooden Shelve

Source: 91magazine.co.uk

For this wooden shelve, it looks like a plank of wood. To get this extravagance wooden shelve, you may spend a lot of money yet it results in a wonderful shelve. Furthermore, you can store this shelve in rustic or farmhouse home design.

7. Vintage Shelve

Source: evdekorasyonx.com

Looking vintage, sweet and nice. The shelve is painted in white colour same with the brick wall. It looks organized and clean as well. You can place your glassware in this shelve and your vintage collection.

8. Corner Shelve

Source: pinterest.pt

This shelve utilizes your kitchen’s corner. It gives a pretty look in your kitchen and it’s made of wood with bright colour. If you repurposed this shelve to another usage like store decoration, greenery season or collection to adorn your kitchen.

9. Simple Shelve

Source: proxprox.com

It is simple and looks chic. You can store dishware and another kitchen utensils in this shelve. Besides, if you need to give a fresh look, you could also put greenery season on it.

10. Pipes Shelve

Source: ww12.refoster.co.uk

This industrial shelve you can make by yourself by using pipes. In this shelve, you can’t put kitchen utensil, yet you only can put salt, sugar, pepper, and another seasoning due to this shelve has an only small size.

Which one do you like the most?

Natasha Caroline

Natasha Caroline

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