How To Adorn Your Bathroom With Bathroom Tile

Adorning such an elegant with simple way in your bathroom, you can start with the floor and wall using tile. Designing your bathroom floor and wall can be done using tile in any design. There are many tile design (pattern, colour). From classic, modern, vintage, Scandinavian and lots more. Thus, if you are looking for suggestions about what colours and pattern for your bathroom, these are ideas given to you.

1. Floral Tile Flooring

Source: pinterest.es

It’s probably for you to install this floral tile in your bathroom. You can design it carefully, thoughtfully and correctly. It’s elegant and looks good. Combining with a white tile wall will create such an intriguing bathroom design.

2. Chevron Pattern Tile

Source: pinterest.co.uk

This design is unique with the chevron pattern. Getting an elegant look and mysterious from black colour. This tile is suitable in any types of bathroom; small or large bathroom. Furthermore, you could add a natural touch by putting an indoor plant.

3. Stone Tile

Source: craftandhomeideas.com

If you want to add a natural look in your bathroom, you can use stone tile like in the picture. You can use tile at variating pattern and colour for flooring and wall.

4. Black Tile Hexagone

Source: pinterest.ca

Looking mysterious and elegant with black tile flooring. This tile has a hexagonal shape and doesn’t look sleek, so you can walk easily. You can install this tile on the floor and wall. But, the other side, you can use another tile.

5. Create Flower

Source: pinterest.it

Even you can create your flower with these hexagons tiles. These tiles include three colour; dark brown, middle grey and white. To create a flower, combine dark brown with middle grey o dark brown with white tile. It will create such a pretty flower in your bathroom.

6. Monochrome Tile

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Includes white and black colour with a different pattern; round, triangle and half-moon shape. Install the tile for the floor freely and get a unique accent from each pattern. Besides, for the wall, you can install white tile and no need pattern anymore.

7. Green Tile Design

Source: pinterest.ru

Another way to add a fresh look in your bathroom is by using green colour. This is not gree paint colour, yet this green colour for the floor and wall. With an eclectic and unique style, you will get a gorgeous bathroom only by installing this tile.

Well, which one of these tile design you will take for your bathroom?

Natasha Caroline

Natasha Caroline

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